One on One Coaching Sessions

Progressive strength training programs to cause proper development of the body to have biomechanical integrity around all joints and spine.

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Group Training Sessions

Group training is a great way of complementing either a one to one session or your existing exercise patterns. Exercise the whole body using a variety of training styles motivated by the groups energy!

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Knowlegable, Strong & Athletic

This is achieved through an education-based training program. Understanding the physiological reasoning behind why you must train a certain way is empowering and instills confidence.

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Functional Assessment of Entire Body

Functional Assessment of Entire Body is a series of 7 tests designed to assess ones current condition. When the clinical assessment is initiated from the perspective of ones body and lifestyle patterns, we can identify customized targeted program.

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Training Camps

The focus of our program is the implementation of cutting edit training methodologies that will optimize the athlete’s ability to perform in his/her respective arena.

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Nutrional Supplements

Immunotec stands in a class of its own as a leader in the wellness industry. Recognized by researchers and medical professionals around the world, Immunotec continues to set the standards for mainstream products that produce consistent results!

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