Jillian Halligan
M.Sc., B.Sc., C.EP.


Exercise Physiologist / Strength Coach

Jillian holds a Masters of Science degree in Exercise Physiology. The scientific approach to her strength training system will increase all aspects of athletic performance and produce optimal health.

Jillian’s strength training system causes fat loss, improved posture, increased flexibility, and increased muscle tone & mass. It creates an increase in speed and explosive power ideal for running and throwing faster, hitting harder, jumping higher and improved mental focus.

Jillian has extensive experience coaching executives seeking better health & wellness in their lives, professional athletes (NHL, NFL, CFL), young and developing athletes as well as individuals recovering from injuries.

Jillian’s Athletic Successes:

All American Swimmer
2006-2007 Canadian National Bobsleigh Team
2003-2012 Olympic weightlifter

Coaching Specialties

icon-1 Optimal Health

  • Posture Development
  • Corrective Strength Training
  • Nutritional Advice – to develop life long healthy eating habits
icon-2 Speed Strenght and Power Development

  • Olympic Style Weightlifting
  • Sprint Training-Drills and Running Technique
  • Plyometric Training
  • Foot Speed and Agility Training
  • Structured Warm up Routines
02_aboutV2_16 Injury Recovery

  • Rehabilitative Strengthening
  • Rehabilitative Tools and Techniques for self treatment (injury prevention)T
  • Propreoceptive Strength & Balance
  • Dynamic / Static Stretching Routines
02_aboutV2_17 Goal Setting & Mental Edge

  • Peak Performance Planning
  • Living Your Best Life Now
  • Propreoceptive Strength & Balance
  • Tools and Skills to aid in the Improvement of Health and Athletic Performance
  • Discipline-Success in Life and Sport


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