Hardy Siegmund What started out as another attempt at rehab for a destroyed knee, turned into a life changing understanding of health and wellness and a new found passion for Olympic lifting. A true testament to the abilities of Jillian

Hardy Siegmund


Lucas Birnstng Since training with Jill I have become a stronger athlete in every aspect. When I first started to train with Jill she identified the areas where I was most weak and made a program to strengthen those areas. Not only does Jill work on building explosive strength in the gym she makes you focus on all the other aspects of being a high performance athlete such as eating right, good posture, proper recovery, flexibility and much more, things that have helped me to get to the next level. The training that i have done with Jill has bred more confidence within myself and the results have shown through out the past seasons, I would like to thank Jill for helping me realize my athletic potential.

Lucas Birnstng
Soccer Player


meghansimmons To play the centre back position in soccer, you need to be agile, strong and fit. Being coaching by Jillian has made a large contribution in helping me achieve my goals. The program has given me the opportunity to work on areas of my game that aren’t being touched on in regular training, and to reach my peak performance. Jill has created an amazing working environment where I am able to focus, work hard, and have fun; and this has given me the confidence to compete in my primary sport. I am happy to say that Jillian continues to help me achieve my athletic goals.

Megan Simmons
Ontario U16 Provincial Team Player


05_Testimonials_03 Training with Jill last summer was the best decision I could have made for my hockey career. Exercises were chosen specifically for me based on my weaknesses and Jill was a tremendous mentor both executing the exercises properly as well as pushing me to the next level. There is no doubt that my breakout in the OHL this year is highly due to training with Jill.

Eric Locke
Saginaw Spirit (OHL)


05_Testimonials_06Carol It is thanks to Jillian that I am now finally able to realize my potential as an athlete. At 47, I can push myself physically much harder than I ever could in my 20’s and 30’s, and I can do it without getting injured all the time. I spent years thinking that the best I could do was maybe get back to running a couple of kilometres a few times per week. After following Jillian’s training program and working hard for 3 years, I am now training for my first IronMan triathlon!!

Carole Staveley


05_Testimonials_08 Training with Jillian over the past year has significantly improved my athletic performance. As a full-time professional circus acrobat and stuntwoman in Toronto and Montreal, my body takes a beating. Jillian has been instrumental in correcting physical imbalances and helping to strengthen my musculature while offering excellent nutritional advice. My technique has improved thanks to Jillian!Jennifer Georgopoulos

Jennifer Georgopoulos

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