Create a Healthy Snack Drawer for your Fridge

Create a Healthy Snack Drawer for your FridgHalf of the battle with eating properly is having the right food there for you to eat when you get hungry!  We ALL have to EAT ….we get hungry everyday….several times a day yet so many people are NEVER prepared when this happens.   We all should make food preparation a priority as it Impacts literally every Facet of our lives: emotional, psychological, biochemical and of course physical.

Create a healthy Snack drawer with foods that will increase your alkalinity (any vegetable), foods rich in Omega 3’s to reduce inflammation (such as salmon or walnuts), and foods that do not spike insulin (foods with a low glycemic index such as Strawberries and blueberries).   Remember to optimize all your snacks and meals by combining high quality protein, healthy fat and a low glycemic carbohydrates.  Eat well And Live Better!

For more information on choices of low glycemic carbohydrates, high quality proteins and “good” fats, visit us at

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