How to get more Horse Power out of your Hips!

Strength training is all about developing that extra horse power to allow you to perform better in your sport or life. It is critical when developing more horse power in your hips that you create a foundation of flexibility and mobility prior to layering on the first level of your strength base. There are literally hundreds of ways of going about this. The specific issues of any given athlete will guide me in developing a specific and tailored exercise program that is most effective when completed regularly from start to finish. However, if you know there is room for improvement in your hip flexibility and mobility (which is the case for most of us), the following video demonstrates a great exercise to help any athlete improve in this area.

I love the challenge of a new move that really calls on strength, mobility and flexibility around the entire hip, knee, and ankle complex. This exercise will improve proprioception and kinesthetic awareness of the hip knee and ankle. Athletes with poor flexibility and mobility of the hips, knees and ankles will have a real challenge to complete this exercise. The beauty is that the more challenging this move is for you at first, the more you can improve upon it through practice. You can always start without the weight on your foot (just pretend it’s there), then work your way up to adding it on. Give it a Try… know you want to!!

Single Leg Plate Rotation

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