Living a Pain Free Life Starts with Mindful Posture!

Living a Pain Free Life Starts with Mindful Posture

I can’t tell you how many times I have to remind my athletes as they are loading and unloading the weights from the bar that they must maintain good posture while doing this or risk  having a back injury.  This is something that most people are guilty of ….Lazy posture is simply a bad habit!   Whether you are at the gym lifting weights or at home lifting a box your movement patterns are habitual.  Exchange your poor postural habits with optimal postural habits to protect yourself from injury, and improve your speed and power at the same time.

Take a moment to observe your posture throughout the day.  Is your head in line with your shoulders, or is it hanging forward?  Are your abdominal muscles pulled in toward your spine, or are they hanging out?  Are your shoulders stacked directly above your hips, or are they falling forward? You might be surprised to recognize how poor your posture is while doing a many of your daily activities.  Sitting is by far one of the biggest threats to good spine health.    As our society spends more and more time being inactive and sitting for so many of our activities, this creates a perfect storm of events to lead to musculoskeletal injuries and disc herniations.  We all need to be more mindful of our posture while doing any physical activities such as

  • Standing up
  • Bending down
  • Picking up something form the floor
  • Sitting
  • Standing for long periods of time

Strength training with appropriate exercises that can correct your poor posture will help your body perform daily activities more efficiently and with less risk of injury.  This will also translate directly into better and safer athletic performance.

At all stages of your athletic career, as you work to develop your strength, power and speed, it is critical that you incorporate a strength development program to continually address your body’s imbalances (which we all have).  Not all exercises are appropriate for all athletes.   A certified Exercise Physiologist is trained to assess your strength and range of motion imbalances, and will prescribe exercises to promote correct postural development.  This in turn will lead to better athletic performance and fewer injuries over the long term.

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