Functional Fitness Screening

Jillian Halligan

Functional Fitness Screening

Our programs get results!  The first step in our process is an assessment that allows us to identify faulty movement patterns and muscular imbalances that can be improved using an arsenal of corrective functional exercises.   Jillian will help you establish functional movement patterns, stability, mobility and postural power.   Building upon a strong foundation will translate into better-quality strength development, improved performance in sport and will reduce you risk of injury.

Full Body Assessment

Full Body Assesment

  • Manual Muscle Assessment: Tests for muscle recruitment and balance.
  • Range of Motion (ROM) Assessment: Tests ROM of  each joint (knees, ankles, hips, neck and shoulders)
  • Functional Movement Assessment: Pragmatic tests to assess dynamic stability of joints (knees, ankles, hips, neck and shoulders).
  • Core Strength Assessment: Tests the muscular endurance of the core.
  • Goal Setting: Use SMART strategies to move forward with your personal athletic and physical goals

Nutritional Consultation

  • A 75 minute consultation focusing on your current nutrition habits, followed up with customized strategies to improve your nutritional health.

Blood Profile/Nutritional Meal Plan:

  • Comprehensive analysis of your nutritional habits and the effects on your organ function, the strength of your immune system, and how well you will age.
  • Jillian provides nutritional advice based on results from your blood test.
  • Follow-up blood test shows results after three months of implementation of your nutrition plan.