One on One Coaching Sessions

Jillian Halligan


Pre-purchase 10 Sessions and Save 10%; Pre-purchase 20 Sessions and Save 15%

Jillian is passionate about helping peple achieve their athletic goals and dreams. Athletes understand people with athletic aspiration. Currently a nationally ranked Olympic weightlifter, and former member of the Canadian National Bobsleigh team, Jillian brings this experience in combination with her Masters degree of Science in Exercise Physiology to provide an inspiring blend of knowledge, practical experience and passion to create a unique learning environment for anyone with a goal.

Olympic Style weighltifting is an integral component of Jillian’s training methods however it is not the only methond used. Each athlete is carfully prepared prepared prior to beginning Olympic stryle weightlifting to make certain the necessary strength is attained to ensure a safe training experience.
Sprint training at the track allows her ahtletes to develop every physiological engergy system in a way that is complimentary to the gym experience and further their sport performance. A storng lean and well balnced athletic physique is the by product of this combination of training.

Strength Training promotes fat loss, improved posture and flexibility, and increased muscle tone and mass. Jillian helps you to increase your speed and explosive power – ideal for running and throwing faster, hitting harder and jumping higher – all while improving your mental focus.

Full Body Assessment:

  • Customized integrated training program designed with your goals as guiding parameters: Includes your injury history, training experience,  an Functional Fitness Screening results.
  • Learn proper warm-up techniques.
  • Expert coaching to help you maximize the development of your body awareness.
  • Progressive strength training programs use challenging and fun exercises to achieve proper development of your body, promoting the biomechanical integrity of your joints and spine.
  • Training programs incrementally increase exercise complexity to encourage safe, linear development of all elements of your fitness.

Together we will INCREASE YOUR:

Speed and Reaction Time

Explosive Power Development

Agility – Necessary for Sport and Real Life!

Muscle Balance Around All Joints and Spine


Pre-purchase 10 Sessions and Save 10%; Pre-purchase 20 Sessions and Save 15%